Partners in your building success

Commercial projects tend to start with a Feasibility Stage. Clients have questions about the location, the size, the town planning requirements, sustainability and the likely cost of their scheme.  They might have a vacant site or an existing building with potential to convert or expand.

From there we hone in on the client's brief and start to prepare sketch designs to determine what best fit can be found for the client's requirements and the site. This is often a back and forth process firstly looking at spacial relationships and then starting to explore what three dimensional form can be created. Form follows function to a great extent. We are chuffed with ourselves when our experience and understanding of our client's brief means that we hit the nail on the head with Sketch One.

Once our clients are happy with the general layout and approach we begin Design Development.  This brings the consulting engineers into the picture as we start to flesh out all the technical details.  The drawings that emerge from this stage are suitable for "big picture" purposes such as obtaining town planning development approvals or funding support.

Our past projects include:

Car dealerships: Honda, Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Holden and Isuzu 

Automotive workshops 

Petrol stations for Caltex 

Boutique retail premises 

Dimmeys department store, Maryborough. Their first new building. 

Dymmocks book shop reconstruction after a fire 

Hairdressing salon 

Neighbourhood shops 

Butcher’s shop fitout 

Veterinary clinic 

Charity retail premises

  • Riverside Christian College

  • Hervey Bay Meals on Wheels

  • Bay City Motors

  • Torbay Administration Building

  • Torbay Administration Building

  • Torbay Administration Building

  • Torbay Administration Building